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      Statistics of hp-DPI

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Quick Start on hp-DPI Tutorial     

Main page: Accepts search queries through the main webpage either by orf names, locus, or full-text search with keywords. Options are available in the pull-down menu (Fig. 1). Choose a proper field and enter queries in the text box, followed by a click on the "search" button which will lead to the result table.


Result page: A result table is instantly generated in response to the query ( in this case, it is to search "urease" in "full text" mode.) This query report can be easily download in Excel format simply by a click on one of the save page button. To view a network map of a specific protein, select a probability cutoff or exp. (showing only interactions observed in two-hybrid assays). 


Network map: A protein network map is instantly generated in response to the selection on "interaction prob." (In this exemplary case,  0.4 of ureI) 

Solid lines (probability equal to one):

blue indicate the interactions existing in the experimental results.
other than blue depict the putative relations with possibility equal to one.

Dotted lines (probability not equal to one):

blue indicate the interactions existing in the experimental results.
other than blue indicate the interactions are inferred by hp-DPI.

Message boxes

Information of nodes and edges is instantly displayed with messaging boxes while mouse-over any of these objects.


The "save" button on the top of the right column allows users to download all the interacting relationships with Excel format to local PC. 

Extend the map 

Networking map can be extended to one more level by clicking any node in the current map (in this example, copA, resulting in a new set of copA interacting partners marked in purple)

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In our study on Helicobacter pylori protein interactomes, 1,716 domains were identified from 1,496 proteins (Tomb et al. 1997) by InterProScan and 1,462 protein-protein interactions from a recent study of two-hybrid analysis (Rain et al. 2001b) were introduced as observed interactions. Consequently, for any specific domain-domain pair, its measure of association is obtained to infer the possible interacting relationships among the proteins containing at least one of these two domains. For every fixed cutoff for the association measures, the Specificity and Sensitivity were derived and plotted in the figure on the right, where the feasible threshold of 0.6 provided a fairly reasonable predication of 1,326 protein-protein interactions in which 950 were actually validated in the two-hybrid analysis.

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